I’m was thrilled to publish my first book Happy Birthday: Adjusting to Life’s Changes as Birthdays Keep Coming in 2012 and look forward to the release of my second book, which will be my memoir, in 2017.

Purchase your own copies below!

Happy Birthday: Adjusting to Life’s Changes as Birthdays Keep on Coming

The women in Happy Birthday talk intimately about the joys and challenges of aging. Their conversations range from their vanishing underarm hair to riding Segways at age 80. They share moving tributes to valued friends and heartfelt revelations on journeys through grief. These women are honest and candid. They know sorrow, and they know joy. They choose to look at all of it with a sense of humor.

Chronic & Invisible (estimated publishing in 2017)

This is a story about a woman who battles two demons—ambition and chronic illness—until she finds a way to embrace both because she cannot destroy.

The Measuring Stick (editing phase)

I’m on the third  draft of this novel about how two women try to save their friendship as they move to the top of their competitive careers in television. The story is set in Lubbock, Texas, and those of you who know me will recognize many names and places (maybe your name) as you read it. Don’t worry, however, no one is recognizable. It’s fiction.

ADDITIONALLY, I co-edit a weekly newsletter for the VILLAGE WRITING SCHOOL and recently edited a series of six curriculum booklets for the school entitled Everything You Need to Write a Beautiful Story.

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