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Creating a Life

Beware of Commitments. How did I get so busy? Sometimes, I go through each day without being alert to the commitments I make. Little commitments, but they add up. Then, I feel overwhelmed with “stuff to do.”

Yesterday, I made a commitment that will determine how I’ll spend part of every day for the next three months. I didn’t think about it that way. I just wanted flowers in my yard and a few salad greens. An enjoyable trip to the nursery and an afternoon of planting now means a commitment to outdoor watering every day throughout the summer. Add that to my already-full “stuff to do”  list.

Another example. Four years ago, I was feeling lonely in my single life. I found a beautiful—really gorgeous—Ragdoll cat that I thought would be a lovely tactile companion. I brought her home. I now have a commitment to Tinkerbell for many years of feeding, combing, and cleaning up after.

Recently I bought a lovely new shirt. I wanted it despite the fact that it must be hand-washed. Now, I’m committed to that little bit of time that wasn’t required of me before buying that shirt.

I make a myriad of these commitments without even thinking twice. Together they determine how I spend my days.

So today I’m pausing to ask, Is this really what I choose? Is this how I will most enjoy this day? Of course, I have daily commitments that are non-negotiable. But so many of these little things are negotiable. I can change out my flowers for zero-landscaping and save time in my day. I could (but won’t) find a new home for my cat and save a whole lot of time. And I don’t have to wear that pretty, hand-washable shirt.

I choose the splendid flowers, the Ragdoll beauty, and the pretty clothes in exchange for some of my life’s more mundane chores. In this way, I am consciously designing the life I want to live.

How about you?


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