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Purging My Kitchen

The last time I decluttered my kitchen was six years ago. I remember that time because it was shortly after my husband died. He was the fabulous cook in our family and the only cook in the house. The kitchen was his. He loved food, cooking, and sharing with all of us.

It was time to make the kitchen mine.

I tried. But at that time, I didn’t know who I was in the kitchen. Didn’t know what to eat or cook or buy, let alone what of his to keep and what to throw away. Now, with the passage of six years of going it alone, the kitchen is becoming my space. Last week I claimed it and made it fit me.

This is how I approached it. I made four labels on sticky notes: use daily, use weekly, love but don’t use often, and get rid of. I emptied one cabinet and sorted the contents out in piles across my ample countertops. Went to the next drawer, and so forth.

I left it all out on top for the entire week! Gasp!

I  worked on this clutter-busting project for only an hour or two a day. I needed time to let my decisions rattle around in my head. I needed time to use the kitchen for a few meals to see if my choices were going to work–because I made some pretty drastic changes in locations of things. As I discovered changes I wanted to make, I moved items from one pile to another.

At the end of the week, I put things into their new places. The interiors of my cabinets are now stunning in their simplicity. No place is crowded. Not necessarily chic and pretty–but not crowded.

Cabinet #1

Cabinet #2

And, if I discover I really need the hard-boiled egg slicer, it will be  secluded away in one of the big boxes of “stuff” ready for the trash or  the thrift store. I’ll deliver that stuff when I feel it’s time.

How do you keep on top of clutter in your kitchen, or does it seem to accumulate automatically like mine does?

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