Writing in the Park #3


I never would have seen this graceful black swan today if I’d stayed home to write instead of writing in the park.

While sitting here beside Lake Atalanta, I experimented with the prototype I’m making for my laptop. It’s a folding cardboard sunshade that will:

  • allow me to see the screen clearly
  • stay put on a windy day
  • fold flat for carrying in computer case

When completed, I’ll show it to you.

In retrospect, I should have shot video so you, too, could watch the gliding beauty. Sigh. Next time.


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Writing in the Park #2

This morning I woke up with clarity about the plot structure of my new novel. The sculpture gardens at Crystal Bridges Museum provided the ideal place for me to sketch out the “rags to riches” story that I’m absorbed with these days.


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Writing in the Park

Me in Park #2Springtime in the Ozarks simply can’t be wasted. It’s time to be outdoors. Enjoy the perfect temperature, blooming trees, shrubs, and flowers, and bask in the gentle sunshine.

I’m learning to make it as easy and comfortable to spend time outdoors. Our city has numerous bike trails through woods and streams along with parks at each trailhead. I’ve started going with Greg on his daily bike rides as often as I can. Even though I no longer have the strength to ride a bicycle, I can enjoy the outdoors. We’ve developed a springtime pattern. He goes biking, and I sit in the park and write.

We keep two comfortable outdoor chairs in the trunk of our car at all times. “Comfortable” is the key word. If it isn’t comfortable, I won’t enjoy sitting there. Our car is stocked with snacks, soft drinks, and sunscreen. We’re ready to stop wherever we see a pretty place.

All I need to pack-up-and-go is a good book, my phone for Internet, and my computer..

A daily dose of time outdoors is the best medicine ever.


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