I Did It! But, Why?

Today, I sent a query letter and the required attachments to a publisher.

This represents the first time I’ve submitted anything, although I’ve been writing most of my life and have quite a few finished works. However, I’ve never had a huge desire to be known as an author.

So, why am I now seeking publication? My answer is simple. Primarily for the challenge of it and to learn more about the process by going through it. I’ve always learned by doing.

I wrote a book, Happy Birthday, about how women process birthdays as they age. I self-published that book because I wanted to learn about the complex and challenging process of self-publishing.

Now, after four years of focusing on writing my memoir about how I struggled to live an adventurous life after facing down paralytic polio, I’m pushing my learning experience a bit further.

My memoir, Chronic & Invisible, is done. I usually would stop there and move on to the next thing. Of course, I could self-publish it now that I’m better acquainted with the procedure. However, I like a challenge.

I’ve learned a good deal about the getting-a-publisher quest from my friend, Alison Taylor-Brown, the Director of the Village Writing School. As a matter of fact, she posted her day-to-day, week-to-week, journey of submitting her most recent book. See one of her posts here.

AlisonAlison is my mentor and model for my first time around. One of the chief things I want to emulate is her persistence and attention to the suggestions she gets every time she sends her manuscript to someone. When Alison gets a rejection letter, she may spend a day grieving, then she goes right back to work—whether that means changing a few things and re-submitting to the same person or doing some major re-writes and starting over. Always with her incredible can-do spirit!

So (deep breath), here I go with Chronic & Invisible.

I’ll keep you posted!


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4 responses to “I Did It! But, Why?

  1. Judy Schultz

    Good luck…..I want to buy the first copy after it’s published.



  2. Susan Thornhill

    Dibs on the second copy!

  3. Judy Schultz

    Hi Alice,

    Attached you will find a short story written by James (Age 16). He didn’t write it for school. He just did it for himself. He is, however, going to send it to his English teacher. Did the attachment come through?


  4. Judy Schultz

    Hi Alice,

    Attached is James’ short story. He’s in an honors 10th grade English class. This story wasn’t an assignment. He just likes to write. He really reads a lot…….lots of science fiction and fantasy. I’m not thrilled with his “troll” subject matter, but I like the word pictures he creates. He is going to send the story to his English teacher. I’m anxious to hear her feedback.

    We also had a fun Easter day. Yesterday morning Molly had a potluck brunch at her condo. Last evening we celebrated Patrick’s 14th birthday. His birthday is actually today. Every year for about 6 years we have taken the family to a teppen yaki restarurant for both Patrick and James’ birthday celebrations.

    I also miss our Friday night dinners…….Abuelos and also Orlandos. I also have such fond memories of sitting and chatting on your balcony at Park Tower (wasn’t that the name?)

    What a bummer that you are going to have to give yourself a daily shot. I hope your lesson goes well today.

    Let’s talk on the phone again soon!!

    Love, Judy

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