O, Ye Who Scoff

Don’t see any reason for a blog, or Facebook, or Twitter, or any of that time-wasting stuff? I had a hard time with it, too. My first tweet was to my friend Susan, and I said, “I’m watching Oprah right now.” She wrote back, and that was the end of my Twitter experience. I just didn’t get it.

I kept trying to get with the 21st century, and I’m glad I did. Here is my success story. Last week, I talked about getting rid of old stuff.

My cousin-in-law, who lives in Germany, responded. I haven’t seen her for decades, but I remembered that she and my mother used to collaborate on genealogical research. The upshot of this is—sound the trumpets—she says will feel honored to receive all my mom’s family research and photos.

I will send Cindy two file drawers worth of paperwork and photos that I didn’t want to throw away because it seemed disrespectful of Mother’s  years of dedication to that work. It was her passion. But, not mine.

Thank you, Cindy.

Serendipity, yes. However, without social media, that little bit of luck would never have happened.

QUESTION: Is social media useful to you? If so, tell us how you use it.


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20 responses to “O, Ye Who Scoff

  1. I found you after almost 35 years!! You are a reminder of a wonderful time in my young life when possibilities were unlimited and my future was a delightfully scary place.

    • Same here, Gary. I love the way you phrased that time period, “when possibilities were unlimited and my future was a delightfully scary place.” I’m writing a novel right now that is set at KCBD, and you are a character in it. The name’s been changed, of course. And the story is 100% fiction. But, I’m drawing on lots of good memories. I read on Facebook about Margaret. I hope she is recovering nicely. Give her a hug from me.

  2. Millie Lill

    I may be addicted to Facebook. At first, I wasn’t interested in it at all. Then, somehow, it became important to me. I have friends and family all over the world and I also do a monthly online newsletter for one polio group and write a bi-monthly column for another newsletter. I get many ideas for articles from my Facebook polio pages. I love seeing pictures and videos of family I rarely see in person. Yes, I’m a Face-aholic, for sure.

    • Hi, Millie. I learn a lot from your published articles. I hope someday you’ll pack all those into a book.

      • Millie Lill

        Alice, I did publish a book of my articles, actually a double volume called Hot Water, Orange Juice and Kids, the second half called More Hot Water. That was back in 2000, I think. I have enough articles written since then to do another one. Maybe I will.

  3. Bob

    No, but you already know that.

  4. Ann Hopkins

    When we moved down here from Minneapolis 5 years ago, I took lots of pictures of our house under construction, compiled them awkwardly into word files and e-mailed them off to friends and family back in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Several friends suggested that I just post them on facebook but I resisted, assuming that most friends wouldn’t see the posts. These days, I rely heavily on facebook to stay connected with friends and family. I post pictures of our garden produce, colorful dinners I create, weather hilites, gatherings with friends. I am impressed with how much closer I feel to those who I hardly ever see anymore. The little day to day things we share reinforces longtime bonds and tethers us to our roots.

    • Ann, I love looking at your photos on line. Like the purple flower. I need to post more photos here on my blog, probably. You’re right. Just reading day-to-day notes from friends makes us feel more connected with our special community of friends and family we’ve collected over a lifetime. That’s one kind of collection we don’t ever want to throw away–or let slip away.

  5. Faye Parsons

    Hi Alice,

    I have always been intrigued by the new technology. I told Henry when I retired I wanted a PC and a dog. Well, I got the PC. That was 18 years ago. I have since had several PC and just last year bought a 21 1/2 ” Mac. My learning curve is a bit longer now, but I love it. I also have an IPad.

    I enjoy playing Words With Friends, and have several games going with friends and relatives. I can “waste” a lot of time on the computer, but it isn’t really wasted since it keeps me in contact with friends and family.

    Now back to the de-clutter of things. I am still trying to get into that. I need to do some serious purging, but not today, maybe later, HaHa.

    > >

  6. Pam Steinke

    Facebook, my friend! I love you! I hate sifting through all the stupid things that people “like” on facebook, but I love reconnecting with high school friends and extended family that I would never be in touch with otherwise. Love seeing all their family photos and being able to peek in on their daily lives, as well as sharing mine with them. I had not been in touch with some of my cousins for 40 years or more, and now we are learning about each other all over again!

  7. Carol Alonzo

    Hi Alice — Personally I miss the “good old days” of receiving hand written notes. I have a box of letters from friends –some from you– that I treasure and love to look at every once in a while. It’s just not the same as receiving a text or facebook message. I read those once and never see them again. I am so old fashioned for my age but trying to get with it. Wow … When I really think about it I am kind of resentful of technology for taking something special away from me. Facebook and I need counseling.

    • Carol, you’re so funny. I adore you just as you are, no counseling needed. 😉

      And, yes, everyone, I do have young friends, too.

      P.S. You can print out those special email notes and save them. (my profound and wise advise, as if you hadn’t thought of that!)

  8. Bea

    Ah, social media, the latest & greatest distraction to our already busy lives. I personally don’t like facebook, however I glance over my husband’s almost every day. I scroll past any that are political, tell what they are fixing for dinner or they are cleaning closets. I really don’t care!. Love the pics & nice newsy things about family. One thing that I do like though is texting & skype. These two keep me in near constant contact with my grandkids even though they are in college and working & leading active lives. They actually will answer a text no matter how busy they are! Skype is so great because I can see them. Especially nice talking to my grandson who is in the Air Force & stationed in England for 2 years. Will see him in person in June & then he is off to his next assignment in Germany. So for me social media is a mixed bag, but I try & keep up with progress or I’ll be left behind.

    • Lucy Rhodes

      I enjoy browsing through facebook to see what my friends are doing or taking pictures of. None of my experiences rival yours but it is fun to hear about them.

  9. Shirley Jetzke

    I have read that only “old” people use email, so that dates me right there. Old or not,email provides a wonderful way to keep in touch with my family in Brazil. When I telephone them and follow up with emails, it is almost like they are close by. We try skyping, and if all the planets are in the right position, we get through to each other. That is beyond fantastic—-all of the technology is. I would like to be more competent.

  10. wanda

    Fortunately, I am not as resistant to some technology as I seem to be toward phone usage so it allows me to keep in touch with dear friends such as you. If I had to rely on making phone calls, I’d lose contact with the world, but you know that. So, even though I do not Facebook, I love the accessibility modern communication gives me.
    However, I’m right there with sweet Carol regarding receiving letters and cards. Nothing makes one feel so special as knowing someone has shopped (or created) a card, written a personal message and spent the money to send it. Sadly, I cannot remember the last time I did that. Perhaps your blog will inspire me to do just that very thing.
    Meanwhile, I love keeping in touch via a method that still just boggles my mind!


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